I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute

An emotion, reflected so perfectly in song.

"Go ahead and play dead! I know that you can hear this!"

Misconceptions of the Zodiac
Aries: Aries aren't bossy- they're excellent leaders, especially when no one else knows how to lead.
Taurus: Tauruses aren't greedy- they're careful- and they share with and spoil their loved ones.
Gemini: Geminis aren't always two faced- sometimes they just don't want to cause drama.
Cancer: Cancer's aren't cry babies- they're actually really good at holding it together in public.
Leo: Leo's aren't drama queens- they just want attention because they don't always feel so good about themselves.
Virgo: Virgo's aren't anal retentive- they're cautious. By not taking intense risks, they avoid a lot of hurt.
Libra: Libra's aren't push overs. If you push them too far, you will see the imbalance of the scales.
Scorpio: Scorpio's aren't mean- they are very sensitive inside and usually have a past full of hurt- if you are nice to them, they'll be nice to you, usually.
Sagittarius: Sagittariuses aren't untrustworthy- They usually stay loyal in some way to those that have won their trust first.
Capricorn: Capricorns aren't cold- they just like to appear composed and dignified. They're actually quite sweet.
Aquarius: Aquariuses aren't so open minded that their brains are falling out- they have a strong sense of self, and appreciate uniqueness- they know where they stand.
Pisces: Pisces aren't overly emotional- they just feel things more intensely than most people.